Cat Standing on Hind Legs? Here's Why...

If you have a cat at home, then you must have seen your cat on hind legs. Isn’t it funny to witness your cat standing on hind legs?

Cats on hind legs are often referred to as cat meerkating. Though it seems funny to us, there are various reasons why cats stand on their hind legs.

It might be that your cat wants to convey something to you by this behavior. Many experts have their opinions and theories behind the behavior of cats standing on hind legs.

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Reasons: Cats on Hind Legs?

The behavior of standing on hind legs is typical and known only to cats. Let us dig in and find out why they do so?

 1. Intimidation Tactic: Kitty Edition 

Cats on hind legs might seem funny and comical to us, but for them, it is quite the opposite of it. This behavior found in cats is due to their animalistic survival tactics to safeguard themselves from the threat. 

When they are frightened by the predators, they puff up their tails high and stand on hind legs as a strategy. This is their way of showing that they are bigger than the opponent.

2. It's Time for Some Treats!

Cats don’t stand on their hind legs only when they are frightened but also when they are in a mood to demand treats from you. You may have seen many videos of cats walking on hind legs and demanding tasty treats from their owners. 

This is their way of letting you know about their demands. If you see your cat walking towards you on hind legs, you should instantly get the idea that they want their favorite snack from you. 

3. Attention Seeking Behavior 

All pets love to draw your attention towards them. They look for care and love from you. 

You may have noticed that when you return home from work or market, your cat would sometime stand on hind legs and rub its back against your legs. By such behavior, they are simply craving for your attention and love.

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4. Out of Sheer Excitement

The fascinating fact about cats is that they can use one gesture for many reasons. Take the case of cats on hind legs. They do it when scared, craving for attention, or when they demand treats. 

There is one more reason as to why cats stand on their hind legs. And that is due to excitement.

 People who have cats at home have usually witnessed cats standing on hind legs when they are playing and chasing with other cats in the house. Also, when cats get too excited playing around with a new toy, they tend to stand on hind legs to show their excitement.

Conclusion: Cat Standing on Hind Legs

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Having said stated the reasons for cats standing on their hind legs, I feel it’s not a thing of concern. There is nothing to be so worried about your cat standing on its hind legs. 

Your furry companion is a package of fun and enjoyment. So enjoy and love your pet as much as you can.

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